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                South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute
                About Us
                Research Fields
                Key Laboratories & Centers
                Exprimental Stations
                International Cooperation & Exchange
                Education & Training
                SCSFRI’s joint undertaking Sino-Vietnam Beibu Gulf Fishery Resources Proliferation, Release and Conservation Activities in 2018
                ?In order to implement the Sino-Vietnam consensus, build the maritime silk road and maintain the fisheries resources,on May 8th, the joint proliferation and maintenance of fisheries resources in t...
                SCSFRI team’s breeding of Amphiprion frenatus arouses interests of CCTV’s Show Technology Land
                During May 8-11, the crew of CCTV’s Show Technology Land interviewed Hu Jing, a young scientist from Tropical Fisheries Research and Development Center, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institut...
                300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” successfully launched
                On July 12th, 2017, the 300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” constructed by South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences was s...
                New Discovery in Slope of the Northern South China Sea by "Nan Feng"
                On October 30, 2014, the South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "Nan Feng" of SCSFRI successfully completed the survey on ecosystem dynamics and sustainable use of b...
                Fishery Investigation Team of SCSFRI Competes Survey of Fishery Resources and Ecological Environment in Nansha Islands
                On October 5, 2012, after having completed the survey of fishery resources and ecological environment in Nansha Islands, the South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "...
                Vice Director of SCSFRI Discusses Cooperation of Aquaculture Project with Cambodia
                At the invitation of Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, on April 19~25, a 3-people delegation including the vice director Chen Pingnan, Dr. Zhang Jiasong and Mr. Xu Shihuai form SCSFRI visite...
                SCSFRI‘s Initial Breakthrough in Artificial Breeding of Tapes literatus aspersa (Gmelin)
                On July 29, 2011, experts from Bureau of Scientific and Technical Information of Sanya City conducted a field acceptance test on the self-selected project “Research on Artificial Breeding ofTapes ...
                Successful Marine Fisheries Survey of South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "Nan Feng"
                On May 4, 2011, South China Sea Fishery Resource and Environmental Science Survey Ship "Nan Feng" of SCSFRI returned after completing the tasks of joint fishery protection in Southwest Sha in South...
                Researchers from SCSFRI visit Australia and New Zealand for academic exchange on aquaculture equipment and technology
                During April 5~14, 2011, a 7-people delegation including Prof. Guo Genxi, Assoc. Prof. Tao Qiyou, Research Associate Huang Xiaohua from SCSFRI visited Australia and New Zealand for an academic exch...
                Achievements of deep-water anti-wave cage showcased at ‘Eleventh Five-Year’ National Science and Technology Exhibition
                On the afternoon of March 14, 2011, Party and government leaders including president of P.R.C. Hu Jintao and prime minister Wen Jiabao inspected the ‘Eleventh Five-Year’ National Science and Tech...
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