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                South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute
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                About Us

                Founded in 1953, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (SCSFRI, CAFS) is a non-profit national scientific research agency focusing on basic and applied basic research, high and new technology, as well as significant applied technology of tropical and subtropical fisheries in the South China Sea. Among the 310 employees in SCSFRI, 104 are senior researchers; 10 enjoy the title of National, Provincial or Ministerial Great Contributory; 24 enjoy State Council allowance; 2 are chief scientists of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences; 57 are master supervisors and 6 are doctorial supervisors.

                SCSFRI has research centers and divisons as follows: Marine Resources Conservation and Pasture Research Center, Fisheries Environmental Laboratory, Aquaculture and Genetic Breeding Research Laboratory, Fishery Engineering Research Laboratory, Fishery Disease Control Laboratory, Food Quality and Safety Engineering and Research Laboratory, Information Center, South China Sea Fisheries Center for Strategic Studies, Survey Ship Base, Shenzhen Experimental Base, Tropical Aquatic Research and Development Center (Hainan), Zhuhai Experimental Base, Huadu Experimental Base, and Beibu Gulf Marine Fisheries Research Center (Beihai). [Read more]
                SCSFRI’s joint undertaking Sino-Vietnam Beibu Gulf Fishery Resources Proliferation, Release and Conservation Activities in 2018
                ?In order to implement the Sino-Vietnam consensus, build the maritime silk road and maintain the fisheries resources,on May 8th, the joint proliferation and maintenance of fisheries resources in t...
                SCSFRI team’s breeding of Amphiprion frenatus arouses interests of CCTV’s Show Technology Land
                During May 8-11, the crew of CCTV’s Show Technology Land interviewed Hu Jing, a young scientist from Tropical Fisheries Research and Development Center, South China Sea Fisheries Research Institut...
                300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” successfully launched
                On July 12th, 2017, the 300-ton South China Sea fishery resources survey ship “Nanfeng No.2” constructed by South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences was s...
                Read More
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