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                South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute
                About Us
                Research Fields
                Key Laboratories & Centers
                Exprimental Stations
                International Cooperation & Exchange
                Education & Training
                Research Fields

                1. Fishery Resources Investigation

                It mainly undertakes investigations on fishery resources in the South China Sea and their dynamics, providing technical support for the exploitation and management of fishery resources in the South China Sea. The geographical scope of investigation has covered the whole South China Sea, from estuaries, coasts, island-reef areas in central and southern part to continental shelves in the southwest, which contributes greatly to the South China Sea fisheries development. In order to meet the needs of contemporary fisheries, the research fields have been extending. Our current focus is on artificial reef and habitat restoration, fishery stocks enhancement as well as conservation of rare and endangered aquatic animals.

                Joint investigation of fishery resources in Sino-Vietnam Beibu Gulf Research on release and enhancement of marine ranch
                Conservation of Chinese white dolphin Artificial reef deployment

                2. Fishery Environment Research

                Research Fields include effects of pollutant on aquatic organism, fishery environmental capacity and restoration, conservation of fishery environment and biodiversity, monitoring of fishery environment and quality inspection of aquatic product. Supported by SCSFRI, two research agencies were founded: Guangdong Key Lab. of Fishery Ecology Environment and South China Sea Fishery Ecology Environment Monitoring Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Notedly, we have received more than 30 national, provincial or ministerial awards for our science and technology achievements, many of which are national-leading. The research hotspots in recent years are studies on environmental pollution control and ecological remediation of net cage culture in shallow sea, sea mussel watch technology as well as the effects of human activities on fishery ecological environment.

                Research on remediation technology for regulation of aquaculture environment Fishery environment and aquatic product quality detection

                3. Aquaculture and Biotechnology

                Its major research areas include basic aquaculture biology and breeding technology, aquaculture ecology and biotechnology, aquaculture germplasm resources conservation and genetics, as well as aquaculture nutrition and feed. It carries out researches on application and technology of aquaculture genetic diversity conservation, germplasm resources conservation, well-bred species selection and artificial propagation, biotechnological breeding, integrated ecological aquaculture as well as pollution-free aquaculture. Recently, the research hotspots are techniques of genetic breeding and larval rearing of prawn and pearl oyster, large-scale and healthy culture technique of marine shrimp in South China.

                Research on aquaculture germplasm resources conservation and genetics Intergrated multi-trophic aquaculture of shellfish
                Research on healthy aquaculture technology for prawn Seed culture of emperor snapper (Lutjanus sebae)

                4. Food Engineering and Quality Safety

                It focuses on aquatic product processing and quality safety. Two research centers are founded supported by SCSFRI: National R&D Center for Aquatic Products Processing and South China Aquatic Product Processing and Quality Safety Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Since the 10 th Five Year Plan, we have been leading the studies in China on R&D for processing techniques of fish, prawn, shellfish and algae, etc., especially of tilapia, shrimp, surimi, surimi-based products, sea vegetable, algae dietary fiber, instant jellyfish, smoked fish, modified atmosphere packaged aquatic products and snack food, etc.. The fundamental researches on aquatic product safety, food quality and safety control technology as well as aquaculture standardization have won good national reputation. In recent years, we focus on R&D for processing of tilapia, prawn, algae and surimi, together with the application of food quality and safety control technology.


                Prof. Li Laihao attended the forum on the development of tilapia industrialization Prawn processing and utilization
                Smoked tilapia fillet Tilapia fillet

                5. Fishery Organism Disease Control

                This filed mainly deals with immunization and control technique, and early warning and integrated control of major aquatic animal disease. SCSFRI has carried out many researches on aquatic animal disease, pharmaceutical experiment and integrated disease control. The main research tasks include studies on marine fish bacterial disease immunization, marine shellfish pathology and pathogens control, shrimp immunity and disease control. Now the research hotspot is the integrated control of disease in abalone and prawn.

                Virus isolation test Research on prevention and control of abalone disease

                6. Fishery Engineering Research

                Focusing on fishing, facility fishery engineering technology and equipment as well as marine ranch technology, we conduct related fundamental research, applied engineering technology and digital breeding equipment and engineering technology researches. Since the 10th Five Year Plan, the technology and equipment of deep-sea aquaculture developed by SCSFRI have reached the national advanced level. Moreover, the automatic control technology of deep-sea cage culture and engineering technology of deep-sea cage culture safety in high sea condition are the latest internationally. At present, the research hotspots are manufacture of deep-sea anti-storm-wave cage, aquaculture high tech as well as application of selected fishing gear and method in the South China Sea.

                Design and manufucture of deep-water anti-wave cage and fish farming technique Selective fishing net and methods for
                South China Sea region

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